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Sunday, 12 June 2016 17:22

A bad week for the environment in Malta

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A bad week for the Environment in malta A bad week for the Environment in malta

It was a very bad week for environmentalists and animal lovers alike in Malta, in a single week, a British Bulldog was tied outside in the scorching sun and died, 250,000 bees burned in 220 hives and a great white shark was captured and killed. It is the season for stupidity or what?

It was a disastrous week in Malta for environmentalists and animal lovers alike. 220 bee hives were burned in a suspected arson case, a British bulldog was chained outside and scorched to death and finally , the stupidity of the year award goes to the divers who alledgely caught and killed a great white shark.

Let's start by condemning all acts of this nature (goes without saying, bla bla bla), animal lovers reeled at the fact that in Hamrun, Malta, a British Bulldog was tied outside on the pavement infront of a door, and scorched to death in the heat. 

How to save an overheating dog?

Let's say you're a first responder a passer-by, taking out your phone to take a picture and posting it on the salott won't solve anything, yes , phone animal welfare The Animal Welfare Department which can be contacted on: 22924132 , 22924113 and 22924247 but here's how you can give first aid to an overheating dog:


  • Put it in the shade!, First thing you need to do is put it in the shade, do not grab the dog from the chest, his heart is already a bit f**** so do not put pressure on it.
  • Reduce the pooch’s temperature by putting cool wet towels over his neck, under its armpits, and between its hind legs. Wetting his ear flaps and paw pads using cool water is also advisable. If you are outdoors, a stream or pond can be used to help him cool down. , No water ?... don't worry a pastizzi shop is surely somewhere close, buy the coldest thing you can find. Do not use ice, the shock may stop his tiny little heart.
  • DO NOT FORCE IT TO DRINK!!! Never force water into his mouth as he may likely suck it out into his lungs. If the pooch refuses to drink, try wetting his tongue with the water instead. Do not offer ice to a dog experiencing heatstroke. If eaten, ice can cool his core body temperature too quickly, shocking his system.
  • Finally, transport your overheated pooch to your vet. Call ahead so he can be alerted to prepare for your dog’s treatment. The dog may have to receive oxygen, some fluids, and other treatments. With severe overheating, seizure and or cardiac arrest may occur.

If you're close to a polyclinic, just take the dog to the clinic to get some pure oxygen into the system.

Killed a Great White Shark (a protected species) and flaunting it on facebook, how utterly stupid can you be?



The caption of the facebook photo says "we caught it before it caught us", yeah right, he would have tasted the stupid and never swallowed.

Let's get some facts straight !


  • Man kills over 100 million sharks a year,

  • Sharks cause less than five deaths worldwide per year.

  • Chairs and toasters kill more people than sharks

  • Great White Sharks are Vulnerable to Extinction


I am a licenced diver and I always wished to come close to these majestic predators of the seas, these were not divers, they just give a bad name to divers. Diver courses also offer training just in case you come face to face with a predator and a shark attack even when it's meters away is unlikely

The really really bad news and the least attention grabbing 250,000 (approx) honey bees killed.

In case you are not aware bees are dying by the millions throughout the world and guess what!?, No Bees = No Humans (or a very hard life for thus)


In Gozo a bee farmer had 220 of his hives burned to the ground by an arson attack, in the process killing around 250,000 bees. This guy should not only be charged with arson, but an environmental crime as well as a crime against humanity and here's why

Harsher Penalties

While all this is very sad, you don't have to look far back to remember, the guy who was hanging cats in squares and nailing them to crosses, the dog who was dragged by the chain lat week. Malta may be #1 in LGBT right, but not animal rights, that is for surreeee... so how do you start solving this apart from trying to educate people, make penalties harsher. Ahjar in stead of punishing a guy for having traces of Marjiuana on him they get these so called people and treat them the same way as they treated their animals and other animals.





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