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In this section of the website you will find more information about all the services I offer in my portfolio.

I do not accept all projects and I do not work with big teams, only contact me if you need quality work at competitive prices. On time and on budget.

CMS - Content management systems

Using the latest technologies, I can develop custom content management systems and databases that allow web editors to easily manage and update site content. The applications, or modules, managed by the content management systems can include calendar and event postings, in addition to unique membership login and member based content.

E-Business Applications

Why run costly licences for your software applications and require computers with big hardware costs to run your systems, then, just to be tied down to a eo physical location?

I have vast experience in building custom business aplications which run on the internet, this means they can be run from any computer, and brand, as long as you have a connection to the internet and your computer is able to run a browser you can access your systems.
In Malta the next logical step is to grow your business into selling online. eCommerce applications will enable you to manage, organize and sell your products and services online safely and securely. We offer competitively priced SSL certificates and can customize a payment gateway solution to fit your business. Our eCommerce solutions will help you: Increase conversion through improved user experience, Handle and process transactions in one location, Manage inventory and pricing.
Educating and training your workforce can be time-consuming and expensive. I have developed a core training application that allows users to easily update course material and associated examinations. These classes can be assigned to employees and results can be tracked by managers or teachers.
Front-End Development - GUI/HCI
Since I have the advantage of being both a graphic designer and a web/software developer a lot of companies have trusted me with their front-end development

I am considered as a CSS and JS master with the added benefit of knowing how the back-end works and what coders are expecting to find to integrate their data structures with the web front.


Web Development

Web Development

Web Application Development

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design & Branding

Branding, Stationary and Design work

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Robotics Development

Embedded Software & Automation

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Digital Education

Digital Education

Academic Research and STEM education

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Let the work speak for itself
I let the work speak for itself. View all the projects in my portfolio..

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